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The Goal Gradient Effect

What motivates people to complete their goal? How can we encourage customers to purchase faster? Why do rats work faster when they have the piece of cheese in sight? This is where 'goal gradient effect' takes place.

Web Design Trends Word Cloud

Web Design Trends of 2015

Parallax scrolling, fixed navigation and CSS3 animations are some of many web design trends that are implemented in lots of websites. In this article I revisit various technologies and techniques that have already helped transform websites and other digital products, and also explore new trends of 2015.

Responsive web design vs Adaptive web design

Responsive Design vs. Adaptive Design

Responsive and adaptive design is one of the hottest debates in the web design industry. Why does it matter? Why use one or the other? What is the real difference between the two? These are the very questions we explore in these modern web design techniques

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The Power of Storytelling

From paintings to contemporary social media, we explore the history of storytelling, which strongly influences brand storytelling as we know it in today’s world.

Variety of iconic designs

Iconic Designs

Icons, symbols, metaphors and signs are all part of a visual language, which is used in branding and everyday design. This article explores how visual design plays an important role in brand identity and user interfaces whether they are in context with the digital or natural world.